PF #23: Pink Logo

I am really sorry for posting very late! So, without much further ado, I give you this week's pink pic! The Pink Thought's Pink Contest Logo!! Well, I guess it's not pretty awesome but please allow me to do this so that you will know that Pink Mama is actually having a contest right now […]

PF #17: Pink Crib and Accessories

I am almost five months pregnant. I haven't gone under an ultrasound again so I am not sure what is the gender of my baby. But if I will be having a baby girl, I would definitely want a pink crib with matching accessories. That would be definitely a hit! Please don’t forget to leave […]

PF #9: Valentine Edition

Though it’s Friday the 13th, I am already celebrating Valentines here. So, to make something out of the usual, I just grabbed this pink fluffy heart from google images. I think it fits well with our Pink Fridays theme and of course the season of hearts.