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I already have several blogs in different niches but there is one that I am having doubts in creating and that is a blog on celebrity news. I know most bloggers who have this kind of blog could say that it is really an earning topic when it comes to Adsense and other money making opportunity but for me, I think it is already saturated. I mean if I start now, I might not end on the top of the search engines but would forever forgotten in time. Poor me! LOL!!

3 thoughts on “Celebrity Blog

  1. i would rather write about anything and everything in the sun. it is much too tiring to follows after these celebs and i dont even know them! LOL

  2. corek! i just put celeb news and incorporate them in my other blogs. as long as the topic is related. like i put wedding news in my marriage blog, that kind of stuff 😀

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