Certified Net Addict

Since I am always online 24/7, I opted to devote this blog on writing about my opinions and views on online matters (I added it in the header…do I look cute in the picture? LOL!!). Since this is my blog now, I want to blog about (good or bad) my online finds. I really love surfing and everyday as I surf, I see many great websites and blogs. So might as well talk about them. Recommend if I think its good. And rant is the service sucks!!

After this post, this blog will officially act as a helpmate to people who aren’t online that much. I will serve as a tester, researcher, etc. I will test the waters for them as long if what I am testing is free to use or free to look. Hehehe…

Since it’s my own opinion, they or you have the option to pursue on that site or blog. I will be writing out of my own opinion anyway. So, it will be up to the reader to listen to what I have experienced or experience it himself/herself. It’s everybody’s call anyway. I am just here to muse and rant on all my online finds.

Hope you’ll enjoy my posts!!

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