Christmas Gifts

My youngest daughter is starting to get her first Christmas presents from her godparents. So far, she got a new dress. She also got money that we bought for her home clothes and a teddy bear. We haven’t didn’t let her use them yet but we placed them under the our Christmas tree except for the home clothes that she badly needs because she has grown up from her previous ones.

Anyway, I am planning to have personalized note cards made for her godparents to say thank you. But when I realized that her godparents are from different places around the world, I opted to make blog posts instead.

As for my two older children, most of their godparents are from our hometown and some of them already forgotten about them. So, what I did was bought them gifts. But since I can only afford a few, I only gave them one each but I plan to buy more small ones just to increase in numbers. 😉

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