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This is to inform that this blog is a “DO FOLLOW BLOG.” This means that when you comment with your blog URL, this blog allows the GOOGLE SPIDERS to crawl to your blogs. I am here to fight SPAM and NOT BLOGS. Therefore, I reserve the rights to moderate (publish or reject) and edit comments thus, I am only allowing two links on the comment field. I would also appreciate if you type your Real Name, known Username or Blog's Name in the Name Field.

Aside from this, I will be featuring the TOP 3 COMMENTATORS of this blog every month. Top three commentators must have at least 10 comments (medalist) to be included. In the event that I have failed to feature your blog for a certain month (this applies starting today), please email me using my CONTACT FORM.


  1. Mama Vernz Theory

    yayks, sana di ko makalimutan parating dumalaw. hehehe 🙂 was here Mommy Rubz…. 🙂

  2. Arlene

    Nice policy. I prefer real name posted or online name used because i have a hard time deciphering who is who when they just use their blog names. Pwera kung super familiar na nako sila. ^^

  3. Willa @ The Smart Shopper

    Ako talaga ini edi tko na yung mga comment na may sandamakmak na link. it's my blog,I do not have to inform them what i want to do with it. 🙂

  4. jared's mum/vix

    waah, real name mommy rubz? i normally sign my comments using my online name, but i guess it does confuse a lot of people especially those who are not familiar with me, so i thought i'd put my real name too 😀
    hopefully i can visit more often to be included in your top commenters' list. nice one mommy! have a great week ahead 😀

  5. redamethyst

    pwede na naman siguro un name ko di ba? known na ako as redamethyst online. 😀

  6. Shydub

    It's kind of very late to read this post marz,

  7. LisaKay Balazs

    This is a wonderful policy. I will have to add this to my blog. I enjoy blogging so very much and have met so many wonderful people. Thank you so much.

    Hugs, LisaKay

  8. katya kate

    This is interesting! I love following blogs and loved to be followed too!

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