Contemplating My Computer Crash Experiences

Have you ever suffered from a computer crash? If so, how did you feel when you have lost all your files and realized that none of them can ever be retrieved? Well, I am pretty sure you are devastated.

Based on my own experiences, I have gone through computer crashes more than once. Most of these times, I was caught at hello. Why? Because every time I suffered from a computer crash, I have no back-up at all; plus the fact that I have no external drives to store my files into.

Anyway, I am contemplating of availing’s free online storage. They are offering 2GB of online storage space for your files. They also have paid services which I think is very reasonably priced basing on the features that comes with it. Since I could not afford to buy an external drive as of the moment, I guess availing this free online storage would be a great idea for me and even for you. Don’t want to be caught up in another devastating situation where in you lose files due to a computer crash!

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