Custom Car Seats

Last time I had the chance to ride in a friend’s car. They offered to take me home so I was happy to spare myself some fare money and of course I got a comfortable ride. My hosts were talking about car seat covers and how the hubby wanted customized seat covers for their car.

The wife however said that they can buy cheap car covers over at Gaisano City. She said there is a set that is good for their Hyundai Getz car and it is only about $12 for the entire set that can cover the front and back seats. However, she acknowledged that it is not of good quality, just okay to cover their car seats.

Anyway, I found these Custom Fit Vinyl Seat Covers that I think my friend would like. The charcoal color would best suit their chrome yellow car with rather dark gray interiors. They are in the business of vinyl stickers and I am sure they would love the texture and durability of vinyl as their car seat covers. And also, because they have a young child, they will really appreciate its waterproof quality. I think that the vinyl car seat covers are very sleek and stylish and just right for their needs and their car.

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