Decision to Self Host My Blogs

It has been a year now since I have switched to a self hosted wordpress. It took me one year too before I decided to try and buy my own web hosting account. And to be honest, the real reason about the delay is that my fear of trying out the wordpress platform and aside from that, I don’t know how to use a cpanel dashboard.

Good thing that the internet is an open source for information and all! I was able to learn about wordpress, domain names, web hosting, cpanel, email hosting and more. I was also introduced to many web hosting providers that are known in the market for their services.

One of the sites that I am very thankful of is This site has helped me a lot in understanding what web hosting is all about. It also gave me the idea which web hosting provider should avail to get the better performance based on my preferences.

Anyway, after a year of self hosting my blogs, I finally appreciated its benefits especially running a blog under wordpress such as the wide variety of free blog themes, countless useful plugins and even some SEO help.  I enjoyed the freedom and ease of blogging like never before!

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