Dental Problems

I am really shy to say but I don’t have a perfect set of teeth. Most of my molars are extracted because of cavities that corrupted it. Now, I only have few molars and in danger of losing a few more. I am subject for tooth extraction this Saturday, January 30 around two in the afternoon. Aside from the extraction, I will have my teeth cleaned and braces adjusted.

Anyway, I really feared that losing my molars might lead to temporomandibular joint dysfunction. This kind of dysfunction can usually cause headaches or migraines, popping or clicking in your jaw, pain in the head, neck, face, or jaw, tingling extremities, ear infections, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), sinus problems, subjective hearing loss, snoring, vertigo, pain or pressure around your eyes, clenching or grinding of teeth and tooth sensitivity which of course I am showing several of these symptoms.

Oh well, if this happens, I hope my dentist is like a San Diego Neuromuscular Dentist who can give me affordable TMJ therapy to help me in such predicament.

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