Designer Checks and The Luxurious Life

Sometimes I think how wonderful it is to be moneyed. I am not talking about being a dollar millionaire but having enough for our needs and also for some splurging. I could be carrying a patented leather bag with designer checks so that I can easily write on them for the bills to pay. Or I am in the mood to go shopping because I feel depressed due to the monthly thing. At least I am able to treat myself to the salon or the spa and buy myself a nice outfit afterwards.

It would be a breeze when it comes to check ordering because after all I would have a substantial amount of money stashed in the bank. Even discount checks would still look good and fashionable. I could order several bundles of checkbooks at one time so that I would not run out of them.

Well, that is the moneyed life. Maybe someday I will be able to achieve it. Maybe not. But it would be nice to have dreams like these once in a while so that at least you have something to work for or look forward to doing or having. Even if they are not fulfilled, it is better to have been able to dream and not dream at all because that would be plain dull.

3 thoughts on “Designer Checks and The Luxurious Life

  1. How I wish I could earn so much money or maybe win in the lottery.. 🙂 its a dream.. but who knows?!

  2. hanggang imagination nlng tayo marz ako din iniimagine ko yan. hehehe grabe siguro ang shopping ana sa ug checks na atu ginabitbit, lets just be careful na that check wont bounce hehehe

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