Destressing this Pandemic

I am a homebody. I always love staying at home, but when the pandemic came and everyone was asked to stay at home, my life changed. Staying at home by choice was easy, but working and even attending school from home is not something I am not fond of. I still need my occasional bonding moment with my friends and classmates.

At first, it was all OK. My friends and I talked a lot online just like before, but when things looked like staying at home seems like forever, I started to feel stressed. Not being able to see my friends made everything stressful. Evening learning online, where I thought it would be great, became a source of frustration. Learning from a teacher in a classroom has its perks. Well, online learning has its perks, too, but sometimes I wish to ask a teacher face-to-face rather than a simple chat or email. It seems different… it feels different.

But, this kind of life, will not disappear immediately. Our country’s population hasn’t reached 50% with their vaccination goals. It is either we don’t have the vaccine or some are still hesitant to get themselves vaccinated. So, it is safe to say that this will go on for the next two to three more years until all will go back to normal or should I say before I go back to a physical classroom.

Anyway, I am doing my best to manage my stress. Aside from talking to my family, I try to find enjoyment – I play mobile, PC, and free online games. Well, working while studying can be stressful, so games destresses me. I am fond of games that are based on cartoons like Mr. Bean Backyard Junk and Powerpuff Girls Unorinary Week.

I also like educational online games such as Guardians Defenders of Mathematica Arithmetic Operations Quiz Game. It reminds me of some basic mathematical operations that somehow I have forgotten. What’s fun about this game is it has a medieval theme which I am very fond of. Though most questions are basic, I still have a hard time answering when you are already far in the game.

Another way for me to destress is to watch missed series. I like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, I watched some of my missed series like WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and currently, I am watching Loki.

And lastly, I read webtoons. I am fond of manga and that lead me to read webtoons. Since it is online, it is easy for me to read.

Though I have these as a way to destress myself, I still wish that someday everything will be back to normal. I still miss going out with my friends and even traveling with my family.

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