Dieting Thoughts

Many people want to be slim and healthy. They implement many diet programs in their lives and even take diet pills just to achieve the desired weight. Unfortunately, not all end up being successful. Why? The answer is simple, lack of self-discipline. Going on a diet is breaking up your old habit. If you want to lose weight, you need to adjust the way you take in food. If you eat at least two cups of rice per meal, when you go on a diet you might need to eat at least 1 cup of rice. Even if you feel hungry, that is the finality of it. No more extra rice!

Dieting is not actually a regimen to follow but a lifestyle to implement. It’s like quitting a bad habit like smoking but only you are cutting down your food intake and indulging more on calorie burning activities. The solution is renewing your mindset. Instead of thinking of more food, why not picturing yourself fitting in slender blouses and skirts?

I know it’s hard but it only takes practice to make things perfect!

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