Dreaming of Owning a Café

One of the most lucrative businesses out there is the food business. Given that you choose wisely, you can never go wrong with a food business. I actually want to have a café or a small restaurant in the future. Since my family and I love to eat, it would be the perfect business for us.

Of course I would need to start small, perhaps by selling bakery products first. I have a friend who’s into baking so maybe I can ask her for tips and tricks in order to succeed in the trade. I don’t think I have to spend lavishly right away. I can always use custom bakery packaging for my goods. Then maybe once the business takes off, I can start using those fancy cake and cupcake liners and what-have-yous.

Once the bakery is firmly established, maybe I can then open a small café. This early, I am already envisioning myself learning a signature dish that will be my café’s specialty. I guess I would then have to look for a supplier of dry food packaging for the stuff I will be using in my café. I guess I need to work doubly hard to achieve that dream of mine.

3 thoughts on “Dreaming of Owning a Café

  1. Parang cafe is a nice business to start. It’s one of my dream businesses. A small book shop with a cozy cafe on the side. Books and food are <3.

  2. In food business you have to pick the good place that is suitable for food and that will get customer, plus you have to hire a good cook. i wish there is an eating business where you get paid to eat diba hahaha

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