Eating Gold Coins

It is really my dream to be able to own some gold coins someday. I have never seen real ones, though I have searched the net for their images. Most of them are antiques, so aside from the value of the gold, the value of its antiquity is added on to the cost of the coin. So they can be really expensive.

For now, my gold coins are but a dream. The closest I got is the Ricoa chocolate gold coins that we usually buy during Christmas and New Year in order to give to the kids. It is also a nice addition to the Noche Buena table as not only is it round and symbolizes money, it is in gold—a lucky color. I am already happy with these chocolate gold coins because after they serve their purpose as decoration on the Noche Buena table, they are nice treats for my three kids, and well also myself. We eat a lot of them!

One thought on “Eating Gold Coins

  1. that i would like! hehe i will get my daughter some gold coins for christmas! i am sure she will like collecting them. problem is, she might put them in her piggy bank! haha

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