Endangered Career

My other blog was accepted in another get paid to blog company. Though I am happy that it happened, I am still kinda sad. It was accepted but unfortunately it didn’t have any assignments or posts to take. Well, it’s still early to tell since it was approved for about 48 hours only but I wished it got any assignment immediately. This pink flu is getting more often every day and I am badly in need of steady flow of assignments to be able to pay for my outstanding debts.

Yeah, I have a husband but his salary is not enough for his own expenses. He even asks for more than his salary and that makes my financial situation even worse. Hays…I am really down hearted right now. I felt that my stay at home mommy career is being endangered with too little opportunities and the down drop of my main blog’s page rank.

Anyway, as the saying goes, as long as you are alive, there is a chance! I am hoping for another chance to survive my new chosen career – being a stay at home mommy!

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