Environmental Response Regarding Jewelry

Today, taking environmental concerns seriously is something that no company can avoid, including the jewelry industry. Fortunately, environmental protection initiatives can lower costs, reduce the need for raw materials, improve your brand name and increase worker loyalty.

Enhanced Safety

Making jewelry can sometimes involve the use of hazardous materials. Mining substances such as gold and diamonds, dealing with the waste products of refining and making jewelry, the use of cleaning products and other steps in the process of gathering and using the raw materials for jewelry, all present ripe opportunities for positive environmental action by avoiding the use of hazardous substances or handling them with the utmost environmental sensitivity. The result is increased safety and wider profit margins.

Less Waste

Making jewelry can sometimes result in emissions and waste that can become a cause of pollution. However, with proper management at every stage of the jewelry supply chain, the polluting effects can be reduced or even eliminated. Site specific approaches that recognize the risk factors and use the latest technology to handle or neutralize waste has the added advantage of saving money and lessening the possibility of lawsuits or penalties under environmental laws.

Preserving Natural Resources

Efficiency matters in any business, jewelry included. By increasing the efficiency of the jewelry manufacturing process there is less need for the use of natural resources and energy. These efficiencies also help to lower costs in many production areas, such as building facilities, processes of production and general operation. It is the best of both worlds, an environmentalism that results in enhanced profits through real cost savings.

Jewelry Goes Green

It wasn’t long ago that it was rare to hear any talk of environmental concerns when it came to making jewelry. Today, it is widely understood that no business can ignore environmental concerns. As the industry continues to learn more about how to safely and profitably address environmental concerns, the more the good will of the public will be enhanced toward the jewelry business. That’s being green, but also being smart.

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