Everything… Including the Kitchen Pink

Home design is personal preference. It’s often an extension of your personality and wants. If pink is your want then there are certainly things you can do to really make your kitchen stand out and get noticed. If you’re looking for a new fridge freezer or dishwasher then I highly recommend Smeg products.

Smeg’s motto is ‘Technology with style’ and you can certainly see the style here. With their amazing FAB range, you get truly unique style in a dazzling array of colours. And yes, that includes luscious pink.

Pink power is here to stay.

I think pink is highly underrated as a colour in home design. It’s a very comforting colour, which is easy on the eye and can add that splash of personality you want, especially as the kitchen is one of the more difficult rooms to coordinate effectively.

The FAB range is based on a classic 1950s retro design, so it’s very unique. It’s kind of like something you might see in the background of the diner in Grease. Smooth, curved sides and metallic handles give it a weighty feel. It’s solid and chunky and I reckon it would be a cool conversation starter for when you’re having a party!

The dishwashers follow the same design; however, you do have the choice of freestanding or built in. Built in saves you a bit of space and you still get the same funky looking front design.

Your dishes are well taken care of in the best possible style.

Smeg do put the FAB in ‘Fabulous’ and thanks to appliances like these, accessorising your kitchen to match the pinkness you want isn’t going to be so difficult after all.

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