Express Yourself With Cool Shoes

Isn’t it fun to shoe-watch? You know, sit on a bench and admire the different styles of shoes people are wearing. You can pick up some great ideas for your own outfits this way. It’s also kind of like window-shopping, except you get to see how shoes look when they’re actually in use. If something really catches your eye, you can even stop the woman, ask her what brand of shoes she’s wearing, and find out where she bought them. Most women will see this kind of interest from another woman as a big compliment.

I’ve noticed that the days are gone when shoes had to match your purse or even your outfit. Shoes have earned a special elevated status among accessories, and they make a statement all by themselves. While you don’t want to choose shoes that are completely out of step with the rest of your look, you can certainly go with something that’s a little funky and wild. For example, you could put a fun pair of silver spiked heels with skinny jeans and a colorful top. It’s also a popular choice to wear a pair of UGG boots with tights and a short skirt for a fun winter look. In the summer, you can find all kinds of flip-flops. From plain Jane rubber and plastic basics to embellished thongs with plenty of bling, flip-flops can be perfect for the mall or a casual evening out.

Shoes are also a good way to express your personal style. No matter what colors or themes you like, you can probably find a shoe to express your interests. Online retailers offer a variety of brands and are good places to shop for everyday shoes and special occasion footwear. As an added bonus, you’ll usually find companies that offer shoes at a discount when compared to prices on the same shoes at traditional stores.

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