Eye Sore

There are people who praise me for my big, expressive eyes. They say that is my trademark and even my kids have taken after the windows to my soul. Wow, I kinda like the sound of it. Thank you to all my fans! haha

But seriously. No, I don’t have sore eyes. My problem is that I work at night. Although I can sleep during the day, I try to keep awake for some time so that I can also spend time with my kids. Now I need eye cream for dark circles around my eyes because it seems that they are getting darker each day. Gee. It seems that my eyes are gonna fall off because of heavy bags pulling them down. haha This is one thing that could not be avoided especially with the nature of my work. I can just be thankful that I have work. I just need to put some eye cream before the dark circles around my eyes get worse.

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