Fabulous Pink Finds at PTLUE.COM

Since Pink Fridays is coming up, I found myself looking for fabulous pink products online to feature. And since I have been reading about the latest Hello Kitty craze at PLURK, I decided to look for a pink Hello Kitty item. That is when I bumped across this Hello Kitty designed tri band mobile phone with 2.0 inch touch screen, dual sim card, FM ready, with Bluetooth and voice record capacity at the wonderful wholesale good on Ptlue.com! Isn’t this cute?!

Anyway, after bumping into this, I kept on browsing the latest online shop discovery of mine. I found out that they are indeed selling discount wholesale products! They have items that include digital products, consumable electronic products, daily consumables, small appliances, hand-made products and many more. They even have wedding apparels at affordable prices! Aside from that, they have clothing and jewel for wholesale buying. So think about reselling them to friends!

Oh well, since I was there, I continued to search for pink items. And these are the pink things I found to be fabulous!

A pink tri band mobile phone with 2.0 Megapixel camera and voice record capacity!

A sexy pink maternity dress that would surely make your husband’s jaw drop!

And lastly, this sweet pink women’s handbag!

Take note, all of them are fairly priced. If you want to check them out, you can visit www.ptlue.com today!

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