Fascinated by Health Related Topics

Aside from blogging about pink and food, I am really fascinated about health related topics. I like talking about weight loss, discuss about sickness, Cures for Ailments and alternative medicines to known to men. I am not a health expert by profession but I love to learn many things that relates to the well-being of men.

I always believe that people sometimes die not because of their sickness and disease but the lack of knowledge on how to handle and manage health issues. Sometime people self-medicate just to avoid spending a dime but because of this they don’t know they will endanger their health more than healing it.

Since I am only a mom trying to learn health related stuffs, it is also good to visit and learn from other sites too. For more ideas on cures for ailments, proceed to the blog of Dan Neumeister, a well-known healthcare executive in California. You can also find another profile of Dan Neumeister here.

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