Felt Sorry for the Poor Man

One lazy afternoon, I was at my front porch surfing the internet and drinking my specially prepared coffee when my doorbell rang. I lifted my head up from my work and saw a middle-aged man, wearing a blue checkered polo and a pair of black slacks with matching black shoes. He was holding a lot of envelopes on his right hand and of course, right then and there, I concluded that he is a sales man.

Though not really interested, out of good behavior, I entertained him and let him do his job. He offered me a lot of insurances and plans including educational plan, memorial plan, and even roadside assistance plan! I feigned interest in his psychobabbles and before he left, he gave me his business card. After he left, I returned to my work but after sometime, I realized, I shouldn`t have wasted his time. I should have said no earlier. Poor man!

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  1. Gene

    Nakakaawa nga yung mga ganun, pero minsan kasi hindi naman legit yung binebenta nila kaya minsan maiinis ka na lang.

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