Fill Your Mind

I love reading books. Not pocket books but those that has topics involving self help ideas, business and Christian living. These are the type of books I read because I rarely have the time to talk with my friends anymore. Since I got busy from my old work before and got relocated to another city, I lost contact of my old friends to whom I dearly talk about life, living and faith.

Then later, when I got my internet connection, I also took time reading blogs, websites and subscribe to interesting newsletters that talk about the same interesting topics. I spend countless hours reading them.

Sometimes, if you don’t fill your mind and heart with good and beneficial thoughts and topics, you will end up crazy with all the pursuing problem life has to give especially if you don’t have trustworthy friends around. But of course, I always make an effort to talk to real life friends. Talk to people who share the same problems and dilemmas in life. Reading in print is different from talking to those who have been there and done it.

Anyway, I found a website about self-help and more. If you want to learn more about your life and gain helpful self help ideas from the Science of Identity Foundation. Head over to Jagad Guru’s profile for more background information.

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