Finally Transferred!

At long last, I have finally transferred Pink Thoughts at my new blog host (Pinay Mommies Community) just the other day. It took me several weeks because I was very busy with my home chores. I have no one to help me take care of the house and the children anymore. I need to prioritize my children especially they are now attending school.

I am thankful that my previous blog host was a pain because I had no choice but to immediately transfer my blogs because they were not always accessible to everyone especially I am conducting an on-going contest. Some of those that I have invited complained that they are having a 404 page error. So, without delay I transferred my blog to my new blog host.

My last blog host problems almost convince me in getting a whole life insurance because I was always under fire with anger because of the reports I am getting from my friends, avid visitors and loyal meme participants that my blog was inaccessible. The stress was too much for me that is why I am always having a hard time controlling my anger.

I am glad we are back online! So now, I am very hopeful that we will have a continuous Pink Fridays to play with no or little downtime and as much as possible 100% accessible to everyone.

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