For the Rainy Season

In this rainy season, I think I will really need to find a good pair of overshoes for each of my school age children. I can’t bear the sight and smell of their wet school shoes when they get home. Even though they ride to and from school, they still get wet because of the puddles on the road and even in their school as they transfer from one school building to the other for different class schedules. I wonder where I will get them though?

I saw some on the internet but I am not sure if that could fit them because of sizing differences. I would really like my kids to try them out first. That way their shoes are protected from the water and their feet would not be soaked. They can remove the overshoes when they get to school and put them back on when it is time to get moving in wet areas. I hope they come cheap though as I really do not have a lot of budget to spare.

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