Four Apps that Every Mom Should Download This Spring If they Already Haven’t

Cell phone and tablet apps are one of the modern technologies amazing graces for everyone, especially moms with young children. I remember it feels like just yesterday my little one and I were competing on my new iPad to see who could ninja chop more digital fruit with our fingers while his sisters shopped away for hours at Old Navy… and he didn’t complain about waiting once! It was one of those moments that I thought, “Wow, I wonder what other apps will be developed to help make my life easier?” Well, years have passed, and now I am using apps for myself, as my children have far surpassed me in the tech department. Here are some of my favorites.


This is an all in one fitness app in my opinion. It has calorie counters, exercise diaries, diet recommendations, etc. It is the total package. Even just to track normal, daily activities like checking the mail or walking to the bus stop to meet the kids. Everything you do can be monitored and recorded to help keep you on track and in shape!


If you haven’t heard of Uber by now, you must have been living in a cave or far off land where yellow taxis still rule the roads. Even as an adult, with a car and driver’s license, I still use Uber on the regular when I just can’t be bothered to sit behind the wheel myself. Sometimes, I’ll even use Uber to run my errands so I can more freely use my cellphone. Uber is really everybody’s personal driver!


I have been using the website for years now, but just recently discovered their mobile app. If you want to help save some serious money, I highly recommend downloading the app and using it often. Whereas the website you need to be at the computer, you can routinely check the Groupon app to see what is hot and new. This can be something you use along with other apps like Amazon or eBay to double down on savings!

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