Fucus Vesiculosus

In my earlier post, I have talked about the herbal coffee my friend recommended to me and discussed a few about the benefits of ginger. Now, I will talk about the herb called KELP.
Fucus vesiculosus is the scientific name of the herb kelp. This wonder herd contains alginate which is beneficial in lessening the effects of head radiation exposure, serious metal toxicity and heart diseases. Kelp us also known to prevent hair loss and promotes healthy fingernails. It is also known to help the sensory nerves, membranes that surround the brain, spinal cord, and brain tissues.By the way, kelp is a rich source of iodine that nourishes the thyroid gland. Once iodine is inside the body it helps regulates the growth, bran function, body fluid balance, and blood cholesterol levels as well as the prevention of metabolic disorders and goiter.

So imagine the benefits of having GINGER and KELP to your diet. It would sure contribute to a healthier lifestyle.


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