Funny Discussion

I really don’t know if it’s normal for married couples to discuss this but for us, we had this one funny discussion…

One time, my husband and I were talking about girls who are being paid for intimate entertainment. He said there are plenty of those sitting at the gutters of an entertainment district here in our place. Well, I agreed on that but I also informed him that those girls are indeed cheap but can be very harmful. Girls who are in the intimate entertainment business who are not handled by a bar are usually health hazards because they don’t have any health safety maintenance checkups. Only girls handle by bars have health sanitary permits thus making them more expensive compared to the gutter girls. Health sanitary permits are required in this kind of business. Girls need to undergo STD testing before they get such clearance to be issued a health sanitary permit.

Anyway, after we had the discussion, I look straight to my husband’s eyes with a dagger-like look. Then after that, both of us laughed! But deep inside, I am just giving him a signal to be wary of those kinds of girls or else I will kick his ass! LOL!!

2 thoughts on “Funny Discussion

  1. yes, it is really dangerous. the mom of my husband’s officemate died of cervical cancer because the husband is promiscuous. her cancer was detected at the latter stage and she died shortly after.

    the kids inherited promiscuity and so they had themselves vaccinated against cervical cancer.

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