Funny Mood in Me

Funny MySpace Comments
After having no tasks from 3P when I got blocked and yesterday’s news on my Page Rank drop, I felt very funny about myself today. I have been awake since 9:00PM last night tweaking my other blogs and doing several assignments from other company.
Why funny? Because I think I am in the mood of doing a lot of things today. I was given an assignment that asked for 50 words, I gave them 200 plus. I was asked to give 200, I gave them almost 300. And not only that, I think I have written almost 10 articles since I was awake. Isn’t that weird?

Anyway, whatever is the cause of such zeal of doing a lot of work loads today, I thank GOD it happened. I am a little bit inspired in writing not only compensated post but my own thoughts and ideas as well.

I guess I will be having a long day ahead! Don’t you think?

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