Games to Play During Your Break

We’ve all had those times of monotony during work, the mental fog that builds up as you do things repetitively and with seemingly little return. And this seems especially so in this new digital age, further compounded by the influence of the pandemic on the world. So what exactly can we do about it, about this mental fuzz that seems to build up like cobwebs in our heads? As it turns out, you only have to do a little, and it all boils down to the simple act of taking a break! And what better way to take a break, than to sit back, relax, and play a few games or two? And in the digital world, getting access to said games has become easier than ever.

And I’d like to share some of my top picks regarding free online games that you can play during your break time. These range from fun and simple games that you can just rest and relax to games that will modestly jog your brain without stressing it out too much, and above all, these games are simplistic and easy to learn and enjoy.

And now, on with the listing! Stacked orderly like a deck of cards, which, speaking of…

There’s nothing more satisfying for me than a game of Tripeaks, seeing those three stacks of cards being whittled away by your guesses, and the catharsis of having the last cards at the peaks be taken away as you match them. I think you can enjoy this game as well as I do, it’s simple unlike other card games, but it is also complicated enough to keep your mind entertained. There are many variants of the game as well if you want a little bit of spice in your Tripeaks, such as Black Hole, Skyscraper, Trifruit, and more.

Finding, mixing, and matching is fun, but if you want more mix and match, try out good old Spider Solitare, which offers 1, 2, and 4 suits, depending on how challenging you want your game to be. There are also variants of the game, such as Beetle, Tarantula, Big and Huge Spider.

However, if finding things is more to your liking, then worry not, because I have a recommendation just for you. Hidden object games have been a niche game genre that I’ve been into, and I have many such games to share with you. Find objects in the Chinese themed “China Temple” finding game, or in other themed hidden object finding games such as “Pirates and Treasures”, “Hidden Kitchen” and “Hidden Princess”, “Medieval Castle Hidden Objects”, and many others just like these games.

For those who want something more intellectual and yet simple still, not to worry, I have just the recommendations you need. I like games of crossword as well among other word games, I like a good game of letter scramble myself when taking a break from something that needs a lot of words.

And there you have it, my main recommendations for games that you can play during your break; simple games, quick games, satisfying games.

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