Get Rid Of Pests Naturally

The most common way to get rid of pests that are in your home is to use a pesticide. In fact, it is estimated that the US pesticide market which reaches a value of $2.9 billion by 2020!

This is not that surprising. Pests such as spiders, ants, wasps, and flies will make their nests anywhere that appears to be safe, warm and dry. Your home is an attractive option! The fact that the number of homes in the US is still increasing simply gives them more potential homes.

If you have a severe pest problem it is important that you contact a professional firm to deal with it. Whether you need termite control, animal trapping or have an issue with rodents they will know how to handle it safely.

The Natural Option

There are a number of options if you are hoping to eliminate the issue yourself, without the use of pesticides. This is becoming a popular option as people become more aware of the damage humans are doing to the environment.

You can try the following:

Boric Acid

This can be applied as a dust or in a liquid form. It is natural but is an irritant. You’ll need to use it in a well-ventilated space to ensure you don’t irritate your own respiratory system.

It’s lethal to most insects and is great for spraying between your walls; killing them before they enter.


Vinegar will actually destroy the scent trails left by a variety of household pests. This means the pests cannot find their way back to their nest. The result is they will go somewhere else.

Al you need to do to utilize vinegar is clean regularly with it!


The smell of the herb is enough to drive many small pests away. In fact, it has been found to be very effective at eliminating dust mites!

All you need to do is sprinkle a little on your floor, under the kitchen cupboards or between the walls.


Lemon and other citrus aromas are generally disliked by pests. Simply squirt the juice around the outside of your home or in a specific spot in your home. While it is effective against many pests it is particularly good at dealing with spiders.

Animal Habitats

If you have a specific problem, such as mice, it can be useful to know what eats mice.

Of course, you can get a cat; they are usually effective. But owls are even better at keeping the mice away. Providing your house is not to close to a busy road all you need to do is create an owl box, once the owl has nested he will hunt mice all night every night for you!

The same is true for bats; which adore mosquitoes!


Don’t forget the power of nature. Careful planting outside your home or use of the following in your home will prevent many pests from entering in the first place!

  • Bay leaves – effective against weevils.
  • Mint – useful against most insects, particularly flies.
  • Tea tree oil – good against insects and ants.
  • Cedar oil – excellent for getting rid of moths and fleas.
  • Catnip – will provide an instant invitation to leave to roaches and even mosquitoes.

Just remember, if you’ve tried all these natural alternatives and you still have a pest problem then you can still call the professionals!

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