Getaway, Getaway, Getaway: Prioritizing Your Health Through a Retreat

With over-scheduling, high work demands, a fast-paced life and an endless list of things to-do, it is imperative for every person to find time to retreat and break away from everyday life for peace and relaxation. There are many ways to find this break in your life and here are three options for you to plan your time away.

Retreat Center

There are many retreat centers designed specifically to provide you a comfortable, relaxing and full-service time away from home and allow you to focus on yourself, your family and/or your health. Consider looking at a retreat house Coeur d’Alene ID that has the ability to create your own time and space but within their facilities and amenities, which are plentiful.


While going away to a new place can be full of excitement and adventure, one more affordable and easier option can be staying at home for a retreat. Ask a family member or friend to care for your children or send them away with your partner if that is an option and plan out how to do some intensive self-care over a weekend. If you prefer distancing yourself from the demands of your house, then book a night or two in a hotel in town and schedule spa treatments, fitness experiences, rest and relaxation and self-reflection.

Organized Retreats

If you are looking to do an intensive focus on your physical health and wellness or your spiritual health and wellness, then search for an organized retreat. There are many opportunities to take yoga retreats, spiritual retreats, adventure retreats, a digital detoxification retreat or a spa/massage retreat.

With numerous opportunities for a retreat away from the demands and stagnancy of everyday life, the next step you need to take is to commit to taking a retreat and make a plan for fulfilling your goal of retreat. Within hours of your retreat, you will find yourself so thankful for the opportunity to focus on you and be planning your next retreat in no time.

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