Got My Smart Money Card Connected to My New Cellphone

Just last week, I was very happy that finally I have connected my old Smart Money card to my new number. Last year my husband lost my mobile phone with the number connected to my Smart Money card. Since I needed a Smart Money card, I applied again but my application was denied because they are only allowed to issue two cards per person. I was desperate until they told me that I can retrieve the number that was lost. They said all I need is an affidavit of loss, valid ID card and my Smart Money Card.

Smart Money Card

So, I went and got myself an affidavit of loss for 200 pesos. After that I went to them again to apply for the retrieval of my old SIM number but only to find out that it could no longer be retrieve because the number is already expired. I was kind of furious because I have to go all the way for nothing. So I asked what else I could do. The customer service representative told me to apply for the de-link and re-link of my Smart Money card from the old to the new number. She said I only needed to call the Smart Money Hotline to ask if my Smart Money card is still active. And if the card is still active, I will return to her bring a request letter for de-linking and re-linking, an affidavit of loss, a valid ID and my Smart Money card.

So again, I went home unaccomplished. But then again I was desperate and did I was told. I called the Smart Money Hotline. The representative told me that my card was still active based on my cards validity period which can be found at the front side of my card. He said just go to the Smart Wireless Center; submit an affidavit of loss, a valid ID and my Smart Money card.

Since he didn’t mention any request letter, I went back again and presented all the requirements. And guess what?! The other customer service presented just took all my requirements and encoded my request. She said just wait for 24 hours for my Smart Money card to be linked to my new number. She didn’t ask for a request letter which made my stay at their center fast and smooth!

When eleven in the evening came, my Smart Money card was already linked to my new number. It was less than 24 hours!

So imagine if the first two customer service representative was doing the best they can, I have saved tune and money going back and forth to their center! Was it part of their extended service plan to make me go back again and again to their place or they are not just doing their job?

Anyway, I am glad everything is fine now. I have my Smart Money card connected to my new SIM number and now I can start making transaction with it!

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