Great Accessories for Cars

We don’t have our own car yet but of course, we do plan to buy one especially since it’s sort of hard to commute with three kids in tow. We just need to set our finances straight and then maybe we can look into the option of purchasing a car.

However, this early, we’re already looking into great accessories we can buy for the car. We have already window shopped for a car stereo as well as for mag wheels and even headlights. I was browsing online shops the other day and I also saw escort radar detector mounts which can be placed in the car as a cradle for radar or laser detectors.

I don’t know for what purpose we will need that. But I really liked the design of one mount in particular and I’m actually trying to visualize how it would look in our future car.

3 thoughts on “Great Accessories for Cars

  1. escort radar? what the heck is that? haha although we have a car, all i am concerned is that it is running, it has gas, it’s registration is updated and it smells good. i don;t care about the rest. lol

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