Grille Guard

I am not an expert on car body building. However, my father-in-law has an extensive experience on it therefore I must say he is the expert and not me. So when I was asked by someone if my father-in-law does assemble customized grille guards, I was really caught at hello since I have no idea what it is. Since I am no expert as I mentioned earlier, I immediately looked up on the internet what a grille guard is before I answered the question.

After my research, I was able to answer their questions and let me share also what I learned.

So, what is a grille guard? A grille guard or grill guard is the center piece of a brush guard assembly, the metal piece position in front of a truck’s grill. This is a sturdy metal designed to protect the truck’s front portion from light collision.

How does a grille guard or grill guard looks? Here is a sample of a truck with a plate style grill guard:

Most of the time, when you buy a truck, it has a brush guard installed already therefore it has a grille guard on front. But most of the time, truck enthusiasts have their grill guard customized by people like my father-in-law. 😉

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