Had a Busy Day!

Today, my husband and I went to run some personal and work-related errands. We spent most of the time running around the city, walking and riding the jeep back and forth just to accomplish what we needed to finished on that day.

The weather was so hot yesterday that it made us sweat like we were soak wet by rain. So, we had to walk at covered sidewalks just to avoid direct sunlight.

After we have finished all our tasks, we decided to take a side trip to a store that sells home appliances, home furnishings and gadgets. My husband and I have a common thing when we talk about window shopping. He loves it if we window shop for appliances, home furnishings and gadgets! We love talking about our dream items that someday we want our home to have.

As we took the touring around the store, we saw a lot of beds. Most of them were many metal beds of different sizes and also double deck beds. Since we already have a queen size mattress bed, we were attracted to the metal double deck bed. It looked perfect for our children. Though we have a double deck bed already, we still wanted to buy the metal one because what we have was made of wood. As we know, wood don’t last long especially people like us who always moves from one place to another.

Anyway, after we window shopped, we went home and watched movies to relax. Our legs were suffering from all kind of aches and sitting down was the only recourse we have for the day to rest.

Though we have accomplished so many things, we still felt unaccomplished due to the fact that the main objective was not done. Oh well, I guess there would be days like this and still we glad we survived! LOL!

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