Health is Wealth

“Health is wealth,” they say. It is important therefore to take care of our health by giving our bodies enough rest and the healthy diet it deserves. But of course this does not discount the fact that inasmuch as we want to stay healthy, we do get sick. This is exactly what we need Medicare part D plans for. Having a Medicare plan only means that we are giving ourselves a favor of getting a subsidy from all the medicines prescribed to us when we do get sick.

While it is true that a Medicare plan can cost us money, it would be nothing if we think about the benefits it could give us as plan holders. Medicare part D plans are an investment and not an expense. On top of all the benefits we get, we would have beneficiaries who in turn could benefit from this investment we have made.

Taking good care of our health is a must — and preparedness in times of sickness is as important.

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  1. naalala ko tuloy yung mga high school essays sa dati. Ang haba ng sagot ko sa question na ititch. gusto ko lang kasi ma share lahat ng alam ko:)

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