Healthcare in the US is probably the most important thing an individual or a family has in mind. They value health more than any other material things. It comes first when it comes to financial budgeting. Unlike here in the Philippines, our healthcare system is far less prioritized. Most people are not accustomed on paying for something that they are going to need immediately. Most of the time they only think about the healthcare needs of an individual, if the person is already sick and confined in the hospital.

One of the companies that provide disability insurance and medicare benefits in the US is Allsup. They are known to have 97% success rate for those who complete the SSDI process with them. They have been known also as the leading nationwide provider in the US of financial and healthcare related services to people with disabilities.

Here in our place, there are many health service providers but they are very expensive. No ordinary citizen can afford it. I hope our government finds a way to make these private healthcare providers offer their services to people in a more affordable price. In that way, more people will be convinced to invest in some healthcare for their future needs.

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