Herbal Coffee

Herbal medicines or alternatives are in nowadays. Since I am trying to withdraw from caffeine, I decided to look for a herbal substitute for coffee. About five years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to an instant coffee that has coffee, non-dairy creamer, sugar and seven premium herbs synergistically combined.
These seven premium herbs are ginger, kelp, sambong, ginseng, gotu kola, reishi and turmeric. Study shows that these herbs have plenty of properties that can help improve health. Take for example – ginger, it shows to help people by reducing spasms and cramps, dispel chills, cleanses colon, stimulates proper blood circulation and more.

So, when the body has a consistent intake of these herbs, little by little the body improves and becomes healthy. Since I am a coffee drinker, this is the best alternative to slowly withdraw from caffeine. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen my friend here since I got back. I wanted to buy several boxes for storage.

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