Hitting the Beach Soon

Summer is just around the corner and already my kids are excited at the prospect of hitting the beach soon. It seems our move back to my hometown is perfectly timed because it would still be the kids’ vacation by then and on top of that, there are plenty of beautiful beaches in my hometown so I’m certain the kids will have a blast.

I can already imagine the pictures I will be taking. I want to capture my kids’ joy and the big smiles on their faces while they’re playing in the water. Oh, if only we have underwater cameras that I can use to take shots of kids as they swim. I also want to experience snorkeling and I would love to take pictures of underwater things.

I wonder how much an underwater camera costs. I’m sure there is an affordable one out there, especially one which is not really crafted for professional use but for personal use instead. I guess I would have to browse around for the best deals.

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