How About A Pink Guitar?

You must know about my passion for everything pink. I have almost everything in pink, yes including my laptop and my fingernails. That is why I do not think it will surprise you if I mention that I have been toying with the idea of buying a pink guitar for a while now. No, I do not know how to play the instrument yet but I thought a pink musical instrument should inspire me to learn how to play it soon. I am considering to get this cool oscar schmidt at musicians friend in pink. What do you think? I am sure even my girls will love it and who knows it might even inspire both of them to learn how to play it, too. It will be so much fun learning how to play a pink guitar with my girls, won’t you agree?

Oh well, hopefully this pink guitar will be go on sale real soon. Adding it to my collection of pink goodness will be quite exciting. It will also be perfect to feature in our meme, Pink Friday, which I am hoping I can revive very soon. If I cannot get my hands on a pink guitar, maybe I might consider a pink piano or a pink drum set! 🙂

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