How My Sunday Went

After church, the family went to Dunkin Donuts to enjoy some light snacks. Afterwards, we bought a TV antenna when my husband’s supervisor called him. He was asked to report immediately to check on some problems that came up in the geothermal plant where he works. Since he is on-call always, we have no choice but to end our family day and went home so that he could prepare for work.

When we arrived home, he just changed shoes and eat a little bit. He asked mom to prepare for dinner because he will be back as soon as he will be able to fix the problem. Then I told him that I will wait for him to return so that we could eat dinner together. At around 6pm, he left the house.

So after he left the house, I immediately went online to check my emails and offline messages. Then a little later, I did a research on best term life insurance quotes so that I could compare them with the offline quotes I got. Since we just walked from the church to the places we visited, I felt so tired and sleepy. And without hesitation, I hit the bed immediately.

After sleeping for 3 hours plus, my husband haven’t arrived yet. Since my tummy is already complaining because of hunger, I went and ate already. And just after I finished eating, my husband arrived from work. He felt so hungry and exhausted that he immediately sat down and eat his dinner immediately. So I accompanied him until he finished his dinner.

Now, it is almost 12mn and I am still awake. My sleepiness has left me already. So, I opted to blog about how my Sunday went hoping to feel sleepy in the next few hours. Anyway, I really need to rest up since I am pregnant. Oh well, maybe after this post, I should try sleeping again. Maybe I will drowse if I close my eyes….Zzzzz….

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