I deeply apologize that our Pink Fridays was postponed last Friday, February 6. Aside that I was not able to set my blog into auto post, my son and I went to his pediatrician to have his skin test results read. So we spend a lot of time there and when we got home, I was already tired and completely forgot about the meme.

My son was tested positive for Primary Complex. This is a term used for children who have tuberculosis of the lungs. Though it’s curable, I am still worried because of the expenses it will entail. I don’t know anyone from the health center. Some say I can get free medicines there and get non-stop supply for 6 months especially if you know someone. They distribute some sort of membership cards to those who will participate in their treatment program. I hope so I can find some help for this. I think I need to talk to some people. Hoping God will see us through these things.

Anyway, I would like to recognize When Mom Talks for participating last Friday. Thank you mommy for playing faithfully with us! God bless you.

Watch out this coming Friday, I will set the blog to auto post so that in case I forget, my blog will post the meme automatically. Hope you can join next week. Thanks again and I deeply apologize again.

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