I Slept!!

Guess what?! After being awake for almost 24 hours yesterday, I have finally given myself a sleeping break! Yup, I was asleep the whole night. I just woke up around 5:30 early dawn.
Well, maybe my body was just too tired. Being awake for almost 24 hours is not a joke because it’s very stressful. Aside from that, I felt very pressured with the blog audit coming up (if your monetizing your blog, you know what I meant by that). I found myself nail biting every time an email from them arrives. I am also cleaning for my upcoming pre-anniversary contest at my main blog.

To be honest, I needed my blogs to pass. This is my only source of income and this is where I get my bills paid. But if it would not make the cut, I will feel very sad. I will be honest with that and of course life must still go on.

For now, since I haven’t received the email yet, I must do my best to keep things in order and afloat. Besides, as long as the opportunity is still there, I will grab it while I can. Strike while the iron is hot!

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