I Want to Unwind

My daughter and I went to church today. Finally, after few Sundays have passed, we have visited the church again. Though it was quite incomplete, my baby boy was not able to come because he wouldn’t wake up. He slept around 12:00mn after waking up around 9:00pm because he felt tired earlier and slept.

Anyway, I am planning to go out again today and spend time with them. We were not able to enjoy our time yesterday because my father went to the department store and looked for us after a few minutes. Then he started telling me what not to buy. OK fine! I am staying at his house but it was quite irritating that he demands on what I should and should not buy.

I want to go to the mall. Unwind and just enjoy the day with my kids. I am into too much emotional stress right now that I wanted to keep myself cool.

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