Ideal Gift for a Music Talented Friend

I was invited to tag along by a friend to shop summer clothes for her daughter weeks past.  Since I had a free time, I went along to discover what are the type of summer clothes her daughter want to have.  Her daughter is thirteen years old but wanted to be a fashionista when she grows up.

I was able to take some photos of that shopping spree but I still haven’t taken the time to upload them in my laptop.  Maybe later when I find the extra free time.

Another problem this friend of mine has is that she wanted a perfect gift for her daughter who will be turning 18 in three months time.  Her girl is a very talented when it comes to music so she thinks that giving her a Stratocaster is the best idea.  We found a Stratocaster for sale in an online shop and we realized that the shipping cost would be too much.  So maybe we will ask someone to pick it up for her and carry it to Manila when that someone comes home for vacation in three months time.  Just on time for the birthday.

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