Ideas for Promotional Items

Nowadays, businesses are struggling to stay afloat in a world full of steep competition. So many businesses offer the same goods and services that consumer loyalty is starting to dwindle. Promotional items can make customers feel special and give a business a slight edge. They are gifts that a business can give them to show its appreciation for them. The following are three ideas for promotional gifts that can boost customer morale and increase business activity:

Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are excellent gifts to give customers for three reasons. First, they are inexpensive. The business could order hundreds of pens and hand them out to customers frequently. Secondly, pens are some of the most widely used items that people own. Some consumers still use pens and paper to jot down notes, directions and instructions. People have to use pens at least three times a day, which means that they would have to look at the information on a promotional pen that many times. The company name and number would eventually embed itself into the customer’s mind. Thirdly, people lend their pens to other people. Therefore, the potential to gain new customers would grow with each circulation.

Automobile Decals and Stickers

Automobile decals and stickers work well as promotional items because they can be a source of free advertising. One customer can expose the company information to at least 10 different people. The driver would display the decal every time he or she went to the grocery store, work or to visit friends and family members. Frequent travelers may expose the company’s information in new states or towns. Vehicle stickers are inexpensive for the company, as well.


T-shirts are attractive to customers, and they can bring new customers to the business. The business can create a t-shirt design that is vibrant and speaks volumes to the consumers. A company like Express Press can help a business executive to place a bulk order with company slogans, numbers, photos and more. Just as the other promotional gifts can bring new business to the table, the t-shirts can draw new customers and keep current ones happy.

Promotional items are an absolute must for a business that is trying to gain a generous reputation. Giving items to customers sets a business apart from the ones that only like to take from the customers. The small expense is worth the new customers that may purchase products and services in the end.

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