Interpreting Female Body Language

If you are thinking about using priligy, you may be interested in learning about female body language as a way to understand women better. When in doubt as to what someone’s body language might mean, a good way to figure it out is to imitate the gesture in an exaggerated manner and notice how you feel. Notice, for instance, how vulnerable you feel when you let your head tilt to the side. It is a sign of interest that women use, usually unconsciously.

Rather than analyzing each signal as it comes, it is better to notice how the other person’s signals make you feel. What kind of vibe are they giving you? By noticing the big picture of what she is communicating with her body language, you will get a more accurate sense of her true self, no matter what her words say.

What about your body language? Being aware of what you are doing with your body is a good way to make sure you are sending an appropriate message to others. If you are interested in a woman, you can give her signs by facing her with your body from time to time, making direct, sustained eye contact, caressing yourself once or twice, and occasionally leaning forward. Remember, you do not want to show too much interest too soon, even if you are really smitten.

If you are not at all interested, you can politely indicate that by keeping your body facing away, keeping your posture neutral, and by making sure you do not touch her. If you want to reassure her of your sincerity, keep your feet flat on the floor, use open gestures, and refrain from touching your face as you talk. The great bonus of becoming more aware of your own body language is that you will automatically notice it more in others!

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