Is Private Education Worth the Money?

In an ever competitive world, many parents are investing more and more in their children. One obvious way of doing this is by sending them to private school. However, fees are very high and so it is a large financial commitment for any family. Some studies have shown that on average, the money put in at this age is worth it in the end due to the larger salary earned by the child during their adult life as a result of the private education.

A private education is about much more than the grades at the end of it. In general the ethos is about developing a love of learning, by employing the most experienced and enthusiastic teachers. Another key point is the breadth of development, learning to play music or sport or just general interest in things.

Some may see a private education as an act of snobbery, an excuse for rich parents to keep their children away from poorer people. Indeed, this may be the case for some schools, where the fees are unnecessarily high and no grants or scholarships are offered.
Where these financial aids are offered, it shows perhaps the biggest benefit of these controversial institutions. Sports, music, and academic scholarships reward people for having developed a skill to a high level. With this skill it is possible to enter this learning environment for little or no money. This is a great example of someone using a specific skill to widen their opportunities in general, a great example of the American dream in practise.

However, many people get great grades and are very successful just by visiting the local high school. With larger class numbers and supposedly less good teachers, it would seem that getting great results from a non fee paying school would be an advantage to getting them from a private school because the non fee paying student has had to work off their own back for their grades.

So is there a middle ground? Some moms leave their jobs to look after their children until they are almost grownups, is this more beneficial than them continuing to work but using the salary for a private education?

Many studies show that development in the first five years of a person’s life is more important than any other. This is when the brain first starts to develop complex neurological pathways and a bit of progress in this time period can be worth years of study later on in life. If one parent is at home with their child in these early years, from teaching them to play games, to just talking to them, then the benefits are huge.

What about development in the slightly later years? Once a child is at school, do they need private education to excel? Not always is the answer, there is a great compromise that is in the form of private tutoring which can be made more affordable by using a revolution prep coupon. This can help students pass the exams that they need to continue studying at the next level.

All in all, although private education can do wonders for some people, it is not the definitive answer to all peoples’ educational needs, thanks to other options such as help at home and private tutoring.

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