Jewelry with Caribbean Edge

It seems as though I have spent the whole week browsing websites that sold jewelries. A part of me wants to buy a new set of jewelry, but then another part of tells me I should ease off from spending too much for a while. There have been a lot of expenses the past months, especially since I had the house in CDO renovated and then I had to spend for my daughter’s birthday party.

However, I couldn’t help but be amazed by the Curacao jewelry I saw in one of the websites I visited. They were all so stunning with a distinct Caribbean edge to them. I really wished I could add one, or maybe even several pieces, to my cart and escape with my purchase but I had to painfully admit to myself that I am not ready to make such an extravagant purchase as of this moment.

Oh well, I guess I can still restrain myself. I just have to convince myself that there are other more important stuff I need to buy especially for the house and the upcoming school enrollment of my kids.

2 thoughts on “Jewelry with Caribbean Edge

  1. hmmm…i wonder what a Curacao jewelry looks like. by the sound of it parang may latin american feel to it.

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